• Toilets, showers, BBQ, camping; clubhouse
  • Power-mains to eastern hanger and workshop; club house is solar only
  • Transport to town taxi
  • Rental car available
  • No cars on airfield, use perimeter tracks only
  • Contact instructor in charge or Jeffrey Hutchinson (0411 808 277) or email hutchinson48@gmail.com before commencement of any operations
  • Limited hangar space available (requires prior arrangement or taking a chance on arrival)

Airfield Charges

  • No charges for fly ins with no use of the facilities.
  • $15.00 for use of BBQ, toilets, showers and airfield.
  • $25.00 per day for use of all facilities, including camping, BBQ, outdoor kitchen, covered dining area, toilets, showers, airfield facilities (tie down, workshop etc.)
  • Use of hanger space when available $10 per night
    (Phone ahead – ring Jeffrey Hutchinson (0411 808 277) or email hutchinson48@gmail.com
  • Only solar power is available at the club house & club house heating is via open fire.
  • Other accommodation is available with prior arrangement, with all facilities.
  • On stay overs where the $25.00 a day applies, this applies only to the pilot; his/her family members are free of charge.

Terms of Payment

  • Cash or cheque on site